Been Away but I’m back

Been on a hell scratch build for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I had to build in two months from scratch the Space Station from 2001: a space odyssey. No small feet I barely made it. I had to work 7 day weeks for two months. So I got little airplane work done.

I have been putting together a Sig Riser since we have yet to be granted an indoor or outdoor flying site. I like to fly at the dunes down the street from my house. There’s lift there and the riser is a good inbetween size workhorse cared to all my larger more involved gliders.

In the BKG you can see the EKW being sheeted on the cowl and glare shield. I have been slowly cutting 1/32 balsa and putting it in between the longerons. As soon as I get the Riser covered it’s back to several freeflight builds. I only hope to get a flying site for indoor soon.