Breda 88 update posted

Nearly finished read about it on the Breda 88 page.


New Jet-X page up

We will be flight testing Jet-X motors soon. Learn more about it on the new page I just added.

Members please check in

Chris Landon and Scott Mastroianni of the Unified School district and principle of FP Foster Elementary school in Ventura are working hard to secure us and indoor flying site at a local gymnasium.

We are going through a lot of effort to get this done. Outside of Gregg Goris I haven’t heard from any of our members on the list. If you are serious about having a indoor site we can use monthly on weekends I need to hear from you.

Additionally I’m working on a better outdoor field as well. More on that later.

I’m hoping that those on the member list are following by email this site or you won’t receive this information. I would ask you all to please send me an email so I can start emailing you information about our future activities.

Braiding those darn motors

How to? There are so many videos out there on this subject but Josh shows you how clearly and in a way that makes real sense and avoids confusion. Watch it to the end and then watch it again. If your new to this like me you have to beat it into your head.