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Here I’ll list some of the best sites for purchasing free flight model airplane supplies, support equipment, kits, short kits and plans. I have personally purchased many products from these great vendors and I have had 100% satisfaction.

Smith Brothers Hobby Center

I have had great personal experience purchasing everything from short kit to winders from George Bredehoft. He is very attentive to his customers and he is very prompt at fast delivery and answering your questions.

This is another great place to go for excellent WW1 aircraft short kits and reproduction kits from years past. Again Dave Cowell was great to do business with. Many of his kits are all laser cut and he is quick at filling your order and sending it promptly. I recently bought his 18 inch span Fokker DVIII and I am very pleased with the build. Click on the image below to go there and tell them we sent you.

Another great site is Easy Built models with it’s huge selection of free flight kits and supplies they have been in business for 82 years. I have bout many kits from them and there are just great

Click on the picture to go there
They have many products you will need for free flight modeling from Dope, Silkspan, Dope and more. Great customer service and always glad to help.
Amazing line of kits and supplies. These guys have been around a long time.
Diels Engineering has a fantastic line of WW2 plane kits.

Hummingbird Model Products

Hummingbird Model Products