Tools, supplies, and Equipment

On this page we will list many of the supplies, tools, and equipment for the field you will need for this hobby. When I first started out I looked all over the net and did a lot of research to catch up on what is needed.

The Flying Aces Club page has archives that are very extensive on just about any topic and I encourage you to go there.

This page will help you get started with the basics you will need and where to get them.

When I started out I did know about field support equipment such as the “winding stooge”, winders, rubber motors and more. Over time I will add to this page more and more information that will help you.

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The winding Stooge

The Winding Stooge is a very important device used to hold your model in place safely while you wind the rubber motor. They can be very simple as shown in the first picture they are commonly used for smaller models. The wire travels through the models aft motor peg used to secure the rubber motor. The peg is made of aluminium tubing. Once the model is placed in the stooge and the wire is passed through the aluminium tubing you can wind the rubber motor with the winder of you choice.


The last three images show the wire passing through the tube. This company sells a basic stooge. It’s quite nice but you can also easily build your own. can also download this article with plans to build your own Winding Stooge: 


And these are more detailed planes for small to medium sized  models I plan to build one myself:

Next up this week we’ll talk about winders.

I’ve been making my own support equipment. The winder came from Volare Products and I added the counter I bought on Amazon. I made two sizes of torque meters for large and smaller models. I made a simple winding stooge from plex. I’ll be adding more to it as I go.

In this picture you can see the half round cam I added to the hub that hits the counter arm as it turns.

Homemade torque meters are easy to make and very effective.