Stick and Tissue RC conversions

With flying sites being closed by the FAA both Free Flight and RC it’s becoming more difficult to find places to fly. Sometimes you just want to get a flight or two in. And with small stick and tissue conversion to RC and front lawn or parking lot will do when you can’t fly FF in such a confined place.

This has prompted me to start stick and tissue FF model conversions to RC. In this section I will post builds and conversions others have made.

Easy Built Models Slingsby Prefect

I built this awhile back to fly on the local dunes here by my home. They provide excellent lift considering they are only 15 ft. or so.

The model is two channel with rudder and elevator. I used a Spectrum brick. I think it may weight all of 3 oz. I plan to maiden the glider next week.

7-17-19 Herr Engineering Fokker DVII build

After seeing one person turn this Herr engineering kit into a museum pieces with a full cockpit I just had to have one.

It’s a 24 inch span and to say this laser cut lit goes together easy would be an understatement.

I had just laying around the servos, the motor, ESC, battery and a Spectrum RX.

I plan to make a scale cockpit with stick and instruments.

A couple of hours so far and I have framed up the fuse.


I got that vacuum formed cowl made today. All I did was take the balsa cowl they have you make and I scored deep panel lines into it with a standard ballpoint pen. Vacuum formed it and cut out the radiator area and filled it in from behind with a bit if insect screen. 

I got the tail feathers made and I’m just starting the loser wing.


Wing is removable, both will be. Managed to build both wings and started on the cabanes. They are tacked on so once in the right position and angle to the wing I can remove them. After which I’ll make them stronger and add some wire to lock them into the fuse.

I just have the top wing propped up for a look.

Added some additional balsa to make the ailerons then cut them away.

Having lots of fun with this build. After this I have a Peter Rake DVIII kit with a 30 inch span. 


Without a doubt and as much modeling as I have done over my many years getting these cabane struts to line up at all angles and heights was a pain in the butt. Took two tries before I got it correct and true. Strut material I replaced with some hardyer since the top wing and bottom are removable and nylon bolt on. 

I plan not to remove them for covering but would rather cover around them. Plus I plan to shape them a bit ti an airfoil shape. They are very light and strong. Now can I please move on to the fun stuff?

Here’s the finished plane I have yet to fly. 8-5-2020