Our Club Field

Our field is located at Viola Fields park in Carpenteria California. It has about 5 acres of well kept grass located right on the coast. The weather there on the average even during summer is in the low 70-s to 60’s. There is plenty of trees lining the outside perimeter for shade.

The county of Santa Barbra has allowed this field to fly only RC electric and rubber free flight under 2 pounds. Signs are posted.

I am in the process of AMA chartering our FAC Squadron so we are covered by liability insurance and support from the AMA in keeping this field safe and open. We encourage you to be a member of the AMA and the FAC to fly at this field although it’s not required it is the right thing to do.

Any gas planes or electrics over 2 pounds that are very fast are a danger to the safety and continued use of this public field. Please abide by the rules the county set up. Thank you.

This video towards the end shows the field and some of your flying there.