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7-29-19 EDF composite ME P. 1101

7-29-19 EDF composite ME P. 1101

This is a long story so I’ll keep it short. But back in 2004 I came upon a all balsa set of plans for a midsized ME P. 1101 all balsa build EDF flying jet. The model was originally designed by Dave Beavor in the UK. I corresponded with him and bought a set of plans. He gave me his blessings to make a epoxy glass version of the plane.

I built all the masters and prototyped the first plane which flew very well first time out. Here’s the original thread on RCgroups https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?90721-ME-P-1101-project-starts/page2

After that I sold a lot of kits and the plane was flown by a lot of happy campers. The molds were later sold to EAM and they upgraded the kit with pre sheeted finished wing panels and more. I was supposed to get a free kit out of all this but never did and the company has long since gone out of business.

Flash forward to today and I run into an old RCgroups friend on the net who had one of my ME P. 1101 kits from EAM. I bought it from him for a very reasonable price and it now resides at the studio.

The question is what to do with it? I have no runways here in Ventura. Tried out many of the private fields and groups here but didn’t like them or feel comfortable flying at these sites. So I thought. Can I slope this plane?

As it turns out yes but at the cost of enlarging the wing, changing the sweep and basically changing its beastly look so much it isn’t an option with me.

I realized I still had the exact same Wemotec Midi fan with a Hacker B40-11 in it. The motor and fan combo are light. In fact without landing gear and three servos (Elevator, Ailerons only) I could keep this plane well under 3 pounds or thereabouts with 500 watts. I’d use a 1350 4s pack to save weight and get about a 2 minute flight.

It would be light enough to launch off the dunes here where I live. I’d throttle up launch, get some height and throttle back and cruise on the lift of the slope. The flight would end by belly landing, using the glide and lift I might get longer flights just sloping and using power when needed. Well that’s the plan.

Here’s some pictures of the pane and the finished and flown original from over 14 years ago.

And here’s an old video of the prototype back in 2003 flying at the Basin field. Video from Digital cameras back then were crude. But it’s amazing to see it fly as well as it did back then with a heavy Nimh pack and less than a 100 watts a pound. Electric EDF or anything electric was in its infancy as is apparent by all the loud obnoxious 2 cycle engines in the BKG.

I will be posting progress here as soon as I finish the D-7.