Members List Page

At present we have 6 members.

We do not have membership dues at this time until our membership grows. As this happens it may be we have to pay a fee for field use and indoor flying for events. Any dues would be applied to these costs and maintaining the website or possible newsletter. If you’d like to be added to this list just send us and email and we’ll place you here. You must be a FAC member and we highly recommend you are and AMA member as well.


This is our flyer we are placing around town to invite new members. Please feel free to distribute this where it might help.
  1. Steve Neill
  2. Mary Cacciapaglia
  3. Mike Lemos
  4. Gregg Goris
  5. Mark Helmick
  6. Hugh Langhans
  7. Dave Gees
  8. Ronald Boots

5 thoughts on “Members List Page

  1. Very impressive site and only six members! I’m 57, been building since I was nine, never flew anything past the glide then crash stage as a kid. I know nobody that’s into this hobby besides me in the Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin area, sure would like to. I still want to fly something I build-having over 400 kits on hand and enough supplies to start a hobby shop……the odds are with me that it COULD happen!
    Good luck, excellent so far!
    Steve Probelski


  2. Hi Steve
    Great website. I started the one for the Western FAC group (WESTFAC) which I think you must know of. I also started FAC 70 flying at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. At first we had about 12 members, all drafted from the local free flighters who came out on Sunday mornings to fly. That was a lot of fun for about a year-we would hold a monthly contest based on one type of model or another. This gave everyone a challenge to prepare for and usually made for a good time. After awhile people began to fade off the scale stuff and the contest activity dwindled. A lot of the guys were elderly and had health issues for themselves or spouses, and after several years we were down to one or two active scale fliers. It’s tough being on the tail end of a Golden Era for model aviation. Luckily we have the Scale Staffel and Oasis Fliers out at Perris, which together is a healthy group, including some of the SCAMPS that crossover to scale when contests are held. So it’s all still alive and thriving, and I hope your group will grow and prosper as more people become aware of it. Keep in touch on the Perris field schedule for scale contests and hopefully your team of flyers can join in on them!
    Fly like the wind!
    Clint Brooks


    • Clint I’m hoping this Golden Era will reserge. It certainly seems to be picking up a bit and I see newer younger people getting involved more and more. Everything takes time to grow.

      Scale is great and I have always been a scale guy with many EDF jets and warbirds from WW2 and WW1. But the first time I flew the Wanderer it really was different. Practical non scale birds are beautiful and it keeps we wanting to come back for more.

      Thanks for sending my Boomer kit out so quickly. I got a table cleared off ready to go!

      It’s great to have you following along here Clint! Ad astra


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