Join “Ventura Model Aviators”

It is required that in order to be a member of this official FAC Squadron (Club #50) you must be a member of the Flying Aces Club. To join click on the Flying Aces graphic to the right side of this page. You’ll be glad you did.

Flying Aces Squadron in Ventura California for free-flight model airplanes !

We are the “Ventura Model Aviators” and our goal is to get together model builders and flyers for flying, flying events, meet and greets, education and more.

We invite anyone with a passion for aviation to join us and learn to build and fly these amazing planes from the golden age of model aviation.

Educational programs and events to teach the youth the wonder and importance of aviation are being planned for our community. 

We invite anyone of any age who has ever wanted to build a plane and fly it.

“Ventura Model Aviators” are proud members of “The Flying Aces Club” one of the oldest organizations for free flight model aviation. 

Please visit their site for more information about the organization and this incredible hobby:  

“Ventura Model Aviators” squadron website is:

Join us with a hobby that requires no expensive radio control devices to fly, only your skill, passion and imagination are required. 

These planes are predominately rubber motor powered, silent, environmentally safe, and will fly anywhere from 1 minute to several minutes of flight.

We use open grass fields to fly and we fly indoors at gymnasiums or other large indoor places such as hangers and halls. 

These planes come in all sizes and shapes. Many are scale representations of actual full-scale airplanes, some are sport airplanes designed to fly duration and some have flown and won events flying over 20 minutes.

Cost of the kits are relatively low, starting at  $10 and going as high as $80. 

The average a kit will cost you $20 for a nice scale airplane kit with a 16-20 inch wingspan.

Join us in building our local squadron. We are looking forward to flying with you!

Email us for more information

4 thoughts on “Join “Ventura Model Aviators”

    • Jim I’ll add you to the list and update this page about the meeting we will have here at my studio in Ventura on the 11th of April. This will give us a chance to talk about the club and look at the flying site. Thanks so much for your contact!


  1. O.K. I will be there. on the 11th. I have a huge field to fly in also. I can launch a 50 inch fully wound Wakefield and get it back.


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