Jet-X Testing

I remember well in the early 60’s building and flying Jet-X rocket powered planes from balsa and flying in the open fields in Marin county where I spent many of my summers with my grandparents.

These were refillable motors that you loaded pellets into allowing you to reuse the motors over and over again.

Sadly they were taken off the market years ago.

Then came along the Czech Rapier motors. These were a lot like any solid fuel rocket motor with a slow light and eased on power making it easier to hand launch a model jet or rocket plane. Many kits were released by Aerographics that used the motors. I built their X-1 and was so excited to fly it when sadly again the motors were no longer available in the US.

This model has only been tested glided in the 8 years since I built it and this is what it looks like today. Still waiting an engine.

So I post about my X-1 model in the Hip Pocket Aviators forum:

And to my surprise I get a post telling that Jet-X is coming back with a Rapier style rocket motor. He gave me a link to the RCgroups page on this subject:

So I wrote to Chris Sorensen about getting on the beta program and he was kind enough to write me back and put me on the program. I signed their waiver and I’m waiting the motors soon to test. We will be shooting a high end video for them that I hope raises more interest in this project and his crowdfunding efforts.

To sign up for the crowdfunding campaign go here:

If you have an interest in this please sign up on there site for the crowdfunding support. you can also see at this site flight videos and more.

Chris advised me I might want to build their Wombat test bed flying wing first to test the engines in before I try them in the X-1. Good idea Chris. But in the end of the test program it’s my hope to get a solid flight on the X-1 which would make a fitting conclusion to or flight test video. After all, the X-1 was rocket powered.

In closing here I have high hopes for this endeavor. There are so many cool free flight rocket planes and scale jets that could be powered by these motors making a dream come true for us little kids that still remember and long for the days of flying rocket planes!

Stay tuned for updates here.

5-29-19 Package!

Got the package from Jet-X which includes an USB ignitor-lighter, 8 Jet-X engines and a laser cut foam Wombat test bed airframe kit.

I plan to make a stick and tissue version too to test the motors in before I fly the X-1. I Can’t thank Chris Soresen and the Jet-X team enough for allowing me to be on the Beta test team!

More on this soon.