GAR American Eaglet Build

Next build for me is this wonderful Golden Age Reproduction kit from Peck – Polymers.

Details from the website are:


25″ wingspan
Lightweight printed balsa sheets
All sticks needed to build the model
Esaki Tissue covering
Full-size plan
Vacu-formed wheels
Prop, bearing, shaft etc.
Rubber strip

When I saw this video of one flying I was hooked. I have put it ahead of all over kits I have because it looks like such a solid flyer for both indoor and out.

Here is a link to the site and page fro the kit.

The kit is at the studio and the planes on the building board. Now that the Breda 88 is in it’s last stages of the build I can start this. Stay tuned.

Update 4-27-19

Got a whole hours and a half to work on the model today. I am pleased with the Golden Age kit from Peck-Polymers. The wood is good and the parts are well printed. When you cut them out they fit well as intended.

I’m trying to do as much as I can with wood glue and less CA.

Update 4-29-19

Slow progress as I work at the studio on the 2001: a space odyssey space station model. A bit here and a bit there. So far this is a really nice build. Very typical but the wood quality is good and the printed parts cut out well as a result. When the wood is too soft or two hard if makes a difference and the parts don’t cut so well.

It’s at that point you go get your own wood but not with this kit. This is classic of a company the also loves to build and fly model airplanes. My respects to Peck-Polymers!

Got one wing panel framed up and both fuselage sides built.

4-30-19 Fuselage

Yep. I had another whole hour to work today on the plane and got this done. Well at least partly framed up.

5-2-19 Wings

Got the second wing panel built. The wings come out very straight and true. next to connect the two panels and add the dihedral. Tail feathers next.

Got tails? 5-3-19

I should call this plane of the week because I could have finished it in a week if I had more time.

Got the tails built yesterday. What is left is landing gear, cabanes, and struts.

5-4-19 Fitting

The parts are just tacked in place with a drop of CA to get the space and size of the struts and landing gear setup right. The wing sits right and everything looks good so next up is to take it all apart and start covering.


Started covering using the included tissue which is very good. I’m assuming its Esaki tissue. The colors are perfect to the actual plane which many of had this scheme.

Everything you are seeing is pre-shrunk. I’m in the process of re-wetting the edges and stretching the tissue more to I get out all the wrinkles before I nitrate dope the tissue.

One thing that was discussed on the Hip Pocket forum was the motor peg position and how it was seen in the video that had been moved to the location seen in the attached pictures. This was done to better accommodate the CG. The position on the plans is too far aft and could create a tail heavy condition requiring nose weight.



Landing gear weren’t tall enough to clear this 7 inch prop. Will make new ones tomorrow. I think I made them based on the plan profile rather than the actual size pattern for them on the plan. đŸ˜‰

Wing is nice and tight after a bit of re-wetting and stretching. I have yet to dope any of the surfaces yet. I have noticed that this Esaki tissue really takes a beating over others I have tried. Wet and stretch it doesn’t seem to care or tare.

With a wing span of 25 inches I would have thought that the included prop should be at least a 8 inch prop. Even at 7 inches the gear will have to be a bit longer to for ROG. When she gets on the step it will hit. Or I stay with a smaller prop.

If anyone has any input on this subject I’m open.


I am really enjoying this build. I recently received an email from chuck at Peck-Polymers about the build and the thread on my website. I contacted them offering my data to assist them since documentation on this kit is limited.

Today I got the tails covered and pre-shrunk. Tomorrow dope. I still need to put the N numbers on the wing. I got the windshield on. The arrow stipe.

The wing is just sitting on the struts for a look. 

As the build winds down I’m thinking about what’s next. A Volare Judy or the EKW C-3603 :

The DCP DVIII sits next to the Eaglet. It’s ready to fly next ondoor meet.


So I experimented today some more with motors and made a 2 loop 1/8 braided motor. Changed the crocket from a medium to a small. I added 7 grams of nose weight. Adjusted the wing incidence. Took it out to the back of our building that’s sheltered from the wind somewhat and has a large parking lot. Wound her up about a 100 turns and just for shits and grins let her ROG off the pavement and to my surprise she hopped into the air and flew. Then the wind picked up the a wing tip and stalled her out but no damage.

I called it quits while I was ahead. But from the glide tests and the first power tests it’s clear I’ll be able to dial little girl in just fine.

I found a local school gym our club can use and this Saturday I get to go try it out. I plan to bring the Eaglet and my DCP DVIII for more testing and maybe an actual flight or two. I will shoot some video.

Pictures were taken after the first hop. No damage.