CB Model Designs Boomer Build

Latest pictures of the finished model. It has since been flown and is a very solid flyer.

By now we are getting a lot of pages on the site because I build a lot of planes and document them. Main reason I take the time to do this is to promote the hobby, create business for my friends in the hobby cottage industry and share with other builders the knowledge I gained from my builds. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set out to do a build only to be helped in that endeavor by an article or building thread on Hip Pocket Aviators. Or the FAC. 😉

My latest interest is P-30 class free flight. These are 30 inch span models built in a variety of configurations.

After seeing the planes fly with the Grassy Knoll Club last week it became apparent to me the models that flew and survived landing the best. High wings with no undercarriage did the best. These planes are functional in design to get the most out of pure flying both in endurance and altitude.

As much as I love scale, for pure flying fun and excellence you couldn’t beat my Volare Products Wanderer.

I started looking into P-30. Although the Wander is a P-30 type of platform it’s doesn’t meet the criteria for contest flying at a 36 inch span and weight.

I set out on the net for research into the P-30. I found lots of kits and planes long since discontinued. I wanted the boom design not a stick and tissue fuselage. They look great and have less drag and a built in blast shield. Wind and go!

I finally found Clint Brooks of CB Model Designs and he had exactly what I wanted. Not only that the kit is beautiful and turnkey. The tubular balsa fuse is pre-assembled and the pylon for the wing already added and drilled out to fit the duel wing and tail dethermalizer.


The kit includes the DT and all hardware and prop. A lot of value for 108 dollars.

Nose block is done for you right out of the box.
preassembled wing pylon
In Flight she’s a beauty.
Finished model on the CB Model Designs website

I ordered one and started a dialogue with Clint the owner-designer and he’s terrific.

So I’ll start building as soon as the kit gets here. That should be this week and this will be a priority build as this plane will be entered in contest and be flown often! I’m excited.

first day 8-9-19

I got the kit in a timely manner. I was
amazed at the packing job. Such amazing care had been given to the packing that
indicated to me that CB Model Designs took a lot of pride in their product.

Once I got the kit open it went from there.
The prebuilt ultra light fuse was in its own very strong corrugated box inside
the main box. The rest of what you need to build this model is in the box. Nice
laser cut wood parts, the Gizmo Geezer freewheel prop, and a complete hardware
package and DT timer. Inside the beautiful rolled plans is the tissue in red
and yellow as per the Boomer scheme and decal.

The instructions and build methods are a cut
above anything I have experienced before. In addition to that from their
website you can download a visual image based construction details file to
follow along with the instructions. Clint leaves no stone unturned and his
building method of using balsa block to assure proper alignment of the TE and
LE is brilliant because everything can be dry fitted before glue to show a
complete wing. The parts fit well to the plans too. Very little adjustment was

I was a bit skeptical of this method being I had never been asked or have tried such a thing but once you read the instructions and look at the images it becomes quite clear. You can download the instructions and the construction details here: http://www.cbmodeldesigns.com/boomer-mk-iii.htm to see what I mean.

Looks complicated at first but as you get
into it really it isn’t. I plan to use this technique in the future. I learned
something new and that’s always exciting.

I can’t begin to say enough good things about this kit. The fuselage is beautiful and extremely light with the pylon attached and pre-drilled for the DT setup and tails.

So far I have the wing is dry fit. As you can see in the pictures Clint designed in alignment tabs for the built in wing wash out for the tips that you remove later. Location of TE shims are indicated on the plans.

Next I can start gluing with white glue (as recommended) the 4 sections of wing now that I’m sure I have a good fit and the right parts in the right positions. 

8-14-19 Update

I haven’t had more than an hour a day at the studio as the workload has been high but even in that hour I have been able the last few days to get the wings and tail feathers built. I’m using all white glue and just taking my time being care not to exceed the 40 gram rule for this class of plane for contest.

I have found building this plane a different animal than building the usual free flight sport or scale airplane. This plane is engineered to be a performer and the instructions are thorough and an education in of itself with regards to getting the most out of this airframe. I am being careful to follow them to a T.

The built in washout was a pleasure and works perfectly. You really don’t want to rush a build like this. No speed building here this isn’t a Vintage Models BF-109 which I framed up in two two hour days.

I am very pleased and intrigued by this build.

8-18-19 Boomer update

Yesterday I covered the surfaces with the supplied tissue. The tissue was excellent. Once I had everything stretched as best I could and the undercambered tissue placed and stuck well I wondered if this bag of saggy tissue would ever look good.

I misted the tissue with water, stuck a fan on it on low and walked away. 2 hours later it was all tight as a drum and no warps. I either got lucky or…or I got lucky. 😉

I sort of propped up everything for a look. I have been putting in an hour or two a day for the last week and was eager to see an airplane rather than a bunch od parts.

Next week I’ll be painting the fuse with an airbrush yellow and red, lightly. I will also be installing the DT for the wing and tail.

This kit is just crazy good!