J-3 Cub progress

Slow go on this one. I want a clean and nice built. This Herr kits as always is amazing. Everything just fits together as it should. No problems.

Starting the tail next. Lots of lamination for those round Cub tail feathers shape and wing tips.

Viola Fields for Ever

The new field is great! Right on the coast it was cool, sunny and green. Nice grass and well kept made it nice for belly landing or on wheels. We were the only 5 people there except for the occasional runner or dog walker. We could ask for better.

The slope for gliders is 2 minutes away at the next exit off the 101 but unfortunately they closed the parking lot early and the beach so we didn’t get to fly gliders. Next week.

Video was poor. That large professional camera for Mary was a hardship and she couldn’t follow the planes well wearing a mask which was constantly fogged up the viewer lens. Next time we will use a small handheld for flight video.

A new member of the fleet arrived yesterday. A Japanese WW2 Zero. It’s beautiful and is the perfect size for our new field.

The Herr J-3 Cub I got a few more sticks and parts added to the fuselage. This is going to be a very nice scale plane! 

Migs and Cubs the best of both worlds

The Mig is all framed up. Now the daunting task to cover it. Covering compound curves with tissue is never easy. This man here shows you how to do it but as of yet I have not achieved the same results.

I ended up doing sing strips between each longeron running the length of the fuselage.

Covering this way took time and even pre-shunk looks OK. When I took this picture it was still a bit wet. The dope should really pull the sags out over time. I have found that 2 weeks later it is still shrinking enough to do this.

Starting The Herr-Sig 35.5 inch J-3 Cub. Always my favorite plane. Learned to fly on a J-3. Something about the Cub. This one will not be Free Flight but and RC conversion to fly at our new field.

The Volare Products Square Eagle P-30 has it’s new electronic timer installed and it works great! Did a test glide on her and she’s really a good flyer-floater.

I also finished the Peck Polymers Sky Bunny and gave it a test flight under lower power. Wow! What a great flyer. No adjustments at all were made on the first flight and she flew out of my hands straight as can be.

The line up for our filed this Friday


She’s coming along well. A bit tricky the fuselage but I managed. Remember this is a printed kit which means you get sheets of balsa with printing of the parts one the sheets. Then one has to cut them out carefully by hand. This isn’t laser cutting so it takes some care.

I hope for more work on the model this week.

And now for something completely different

And now for something completely different. My next project. I have the Easy Built kit. Printed version on balsa of course. 16 inch span. I have options.

EDF on a timer(they can sometimes not end well if everything isn’t just right on the first launch. JetX. I actually have the motor and pallets from the day. The model was designed for JetX. Again this can also end unwell and has for me in the past. Or just Jetcat it. In the plans you can see the hook for Cat launch. I’m leaning to jetcat for all the obvious chicken hearted reasons. The ME-262 I made and flew was a great flyer so I’m hopeful here with a no-profile model.

Flying Field!

We have a field! The city of Carpinteria has reopened and Viola Fields to free flight and small park flyers. This site is 15 minutes from our studio. I plan to go there on Wednesdays when there are no games over park flyers present. As it is we are kinda in the middle of nowhere and the place won’t get crowded during week days.

It’s nearly 5 acres. A bit larger than the Grassy Knoll. Weather is always pretty good and it’s never really hot there in summer. Winds? I’m using Windy.com and presently in the early morning it’s 0-1kt.

Thanks to my only active member of my Squadron Gregg Goris for finding the site! Finally I can test, trim, and fly.

ME-262 flies!

Today I got the tissue printed, applied and pre-shrunk.Tomorrow all I need to do is dope it and touch up all the misalignment in the tissue.I did give it a few test glides and after I found the CG it flew very well. Better than I would have thought.At one point with a hard through it got the slight breeze and flew pretty far before settling in and making a nice landing. The green stuff on the nose is clay. I plan to replace it with Apoxie Sculpt two part epoxy that sculpts like clay and later hardens. Afterwards I can paint it to match the fuse colors.Very pleased with these plans because the plane really flies so well. Can’t wait until my catapult stick shows up from Volare Products. Looks like I’ll be good for this Sunday’s JetCat event at the Grassy Knoll!