SNG gets a new project-Adam Savage

SNG gets a new project-Adam Savage

I was just saying to myself the other day I wasn’t going to build anymore RC airplanes for awhile.. I have enough and I only want the simple joys of building free flight rubber powered models. I was just finishing the larger PA-20 Pacer and planning the next FF build.

So there I am and it’s Saturday morning and I’m on the way to get my first Covid shot. Mary is driving and I get an email from Adam Savage challenging me to build a 6 ft span Wright Flyer. Two in fact. Both radio controlled that he can fly. 

I can’t say what the builds are for yet, this is Adam’s secret for now, but it’s enough to say this will be one heck of an RC undertaking.

Although many will say right off it can’t be done with an RC model they would be dead wrong. It has been done with great success more than once. A lot of people pioneered getting this unstable, first powered man carrying aircraft to fly as a model.

This is Pat Tritle’s 40 inch span wright flyer. A kit that you can still buy and I have one on the way. Although not entirely scale to the original the anhedral has been removed. Dihedral added, just enough to allow the enlarged rudders to roll the airplane and turn reliably enough to avoid making complicated wing warping used on the original. Also the canards for pitch were enlarged and the length of the fuselage lengthened a bit to make it easier to achieve a proper center of gravity. Do all this and she flies very well.

Once I get the kit, we build it and fly it. Get all the date and then enlarge it about twice size and build two using carbon fiber and Depron foam for the wings. This will produce an ultralight airframe that will need little power to fly it. It will also be more durable than a balsa airframe so if anyone dumb thumbs it, it can survive. Also I’m putting in an onboard flight computer-gyro to make it easier to fly. It will nearly fly itself.

Then I have to teach Adam to fly it. That will mean driving up and staying in San Francisco. Should be fun.

This will keep the studio busy for months. I’ll document it all in posts and videos. I’m sure Adam’s crew will shoot video when we go north to my home town to fly it and teach Adam.

Sound interesting?

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