Viola Field Report, 3/5/21 by Gregg Goris

Another great flying day at VIOLA Field.   Wind was a factor this time, but still under 5mph.  Too much for rubber planes and little gliders.    Towards 11:00, Mark found a line of good lift.   A red-tail joined in to help him find the best section of air.

Again, Steve showed up with a neat,new plane for maiden flight.   This was a 36” span HERR kit of a J-3.   His builds are always impressive with more details than provided in the kit.   Plane trimmed quickly and few great.  Enough power for “turbo” climbs.   So nice to see a scale plane with a scale-size prop.   Interesting covering, like a heavier tissue but still using doped finish.   Brought his flying wing again, now with CG moved aft.   Flew even better and could now flair out a low-speed landing.  Great flying plane.

Mark and I flying the same as last time, but his 55% MIRAGE got some extended air-time and was clearly a stable and capable plane.  

Some good discussions on the future of RC modeling, relative to upcoming AMA/FAA regulations.  Wondering how this ruling will affect attractiveness/interest of new fliers.  We quickly agreed the small planes we are flying would “stay under the radar”.   The small and light approach definitely has advantages,but all of us have inventory that falls under the regulation.

Steve continuing his search for another field, closer to Ventura.   Finding some good leads.

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