Viola Fields Flyday Report

As written by my friend Gregg Goris here’s the report for Friday the 19th of February. We often fly there on Fridays. I call it Flyday!

Excellent weather, with minor breeze, few dogwalkers, dry,soft grass and sun at your back.  Mark and I have established a regular Friday, 8:30 flying session.   Steve was a welcome addition, as he always has some interesting planes to add to the mix. Mark had some internal improvements to his excellent reduced-scale MIRAGE and again showed how a powered  sailplane should fly.  Beautiful to watch it at altitude.Steve test-flew his flying wing, which is actually a “vintage” FF design/kit modified to RC.  All were impressed with the maiden flight, with excellent control and smooth flying.  He also flew a beautiful peanut rubber.  Good flier, but needs still air. I flew a P30 with an RC rudder.   Flew well with good control, but the air was a bit too choppy for such a light plane.  Only wound to 50%.  Mini FF ZIPPER again flying well after three weeks lost in the bushes. Between three fliers, we had a really wide range a planes with plenty of flight time.  Steve noted the posted signs for flying rules were no longer there.  Sure hope the facility remains open to us.

Thanks Gregg for the great report!

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