Peck Polymer Peanut J-3 Starts

I started this 13 inch span build from Peck Polymer or Wind Up Enterprises. They make amazing little gems. I got this one awhile ago and I’m finally getting to it.

As always I find these little planes the hardest to build. You just can’t get your hands in there easily. Also the wood is all super light contest and until you have the structure together you have to be very careful. Several times snapped longerons from being to heavy handed. I didn’t think I had been.

I don’t have any kind of jig for building fuselages so I just used dead reckoning, a stead hand, and a square. The result is a pretty darn straight fuse, and very little banana effect. This was the hardest part. Now I can move on to the tails and the wing which I find easier.

This is a great kit and it has great wood selection, excellent laser cut parts and hardware. The Cub Yellow tissue is awesome too not to mention the precut windows!

If you have never been to their web site here’s the link(you can also find it in the vendors page of this site).

I have several of there kits to build yet that are their Golden Age Reproduction kits and one inbound of a 18 inch span Fokker D-7.

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