Working on the B.A.T.

This dimmer is nearing completion and will finish today. It is said the cowl was aluminum based on the few pictures of the plane that exist. I have the wheels to pain and the struts painted to look like a darker wood. There’s a frame work of 3 pieces of 1/16 that go over the top of the cowl and end at the windshield position and that’s about it.

BTW the BAT stands for British Aerial Target. Later on one was built for a pilot to fly and as far as I know this kit is based on that version.

These pictures show how, with painters tape masks and an airbrush I made up the scale markings on the plane.

Today I’ll be putting a new rubber motor in the D-8 I built over a year ago from a : Aero-werkes kit. and never really got a good flight on. I’ll be tweaking it at the field this Friday (weather permitting). This should fly very well once trimmed right. The freewheel prop mechanism works the best of any I have tried and I made it from scratch. I found the design on the net and I’m sorry to say I can’t remember the name of the man who originally conceived it.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the full images.

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