Airplane Work around the Studio

If you go in a bit in on this short video you will see the J-3 and it’s functions. I think it’s safe to say I have plenty of control movements and they are smooth. I’m hoping to fly the plane soon as my schedule will allow. At this point I have three birds to maiden.

The Cub, a 1951 flying wing, and the Herr D-7. All RC.

Then there’s this little dime scale B.A.T. contest airplane. Another of many wonderful George Bredehoft’s Volare Products kits I have and they are always excellent.

So far it’s framed up and covered waiting the paint job, scale details and rubber. Already I have test glided the plane in the house. And with out any adjustments at all, built out of the bag it’s CG with the prop is dead on. This plane glides smooth and level like there’s no tomorrow. Incredible. So it suffice to say I can’t wait to put a few turns on it next week and see her fly!

Coming up is a peanut scale J-3 Cub build. This is a Peck Polymers kit and a good one at that. All laser cut and beautifully pre-cut windshield-side windows. It also includes the prop, nose bearing, wheels, wire for the landing gear and nice Cub yellow tissue!

I will be doing an in-depth build on this plane with video.

So this Friday is the first flight of the Wing and hopefully the BAT. I’ll check back with all the news then.

Happy flying!

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