Fantastic day

What a fantastic first Venture Rocketeers launch!!!! Please help us find a permanent site! If you own land we can use we can provide a 5 million dollar liability insurance policy from the National Association of Rocketry. This is a gateway hobby for kids to get future careers in aerospace. We need your help very badly. If you want that Star Trek future it begins here!

Viola Fields Flyday Report

As written by my friend Gregg Goris here’s the report for Friday the 19th of February. We often fly there on Fridays. I call it Flyday!

Excellent weather, with minor breeze, few dogwalkers, dry,soft grass and sun at your back.  Mark and I have established a regular Friday, 8:30 flying session.   Steve was a welcome addition, as he always has some interesting planes to add to the mix. Mark had some internal improvements to his excellent reduced-scale MIRAGE and again showed how a powered  sailplane should fly.  Beautiful to watch it at altitude.Steve test-flew his flying wing, which is actually a “vintage” FF design/kit modified to RC.  All were impressed with the maiden flight, with excellent control and smooth flying.  He also flew a beautiful peanut rubber.  Good flier, but needs still air. I flew a P30 with an RC rudder.   Flew well with good control, but the air was a bit too choppy for such a light plane.  Only wound to 50%.  Mini FF ZIPPER again flying well after three weeks lost in the bushes. Between three fliers, we had a really wide range a planes with plenty of flight time.  Steve noted the posted signs for flying rules were no longer there.  Sure hope the facility remains open to us.

Thanks Gregg for the great report!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Mary got me this sweatshirt(which says it all!) and the Golden Age Reproductions Heinkel He112 from Peck Polymers which came as a total surprise. This one has a 20 span and vacuum formed canopy and spinner. I always loved this plane from WW2 and these GAR kits are fabulous! I have built several.

Thank you sweet Mary I love you!

Peck Polymer Peanut J-3 Starts

I started this 13 inch span build from Peck Polymer or Wind Up Enterprises. They make amazing little gems. I got this one awhile ago and I’m finally getting to it.

As always I find these little planes the hardest to build. You just can’t get your hands in there easily. Also the wood is all super light contest and until you have the structure together you have to be very careful. Several times snapped longerons from being to heavy handed. I didn’t think I had been.

I don’t have any kind of jig for building fuselages so I just used dead reckoning, a stead hand, and a square. The result is a pretty darn straight fuse, and very little banana effect. This was the hardest part. Now I can move on to the tails and the wing which I find easier.

This is a great kit and it has great wood selection, excellent laser cut parts and hardware. The Cub Yellow tissue is awesome too not to mention the precut windows!

If you have never been to their web site here’s the link(you can also find it in the vendors page of this site).

I have several of there kits to build yet that are their Golden Age Reproduction kits and one inbound of a 18 inch span Fokker D-7.

Ok. Now it’s really finished

Did those few more little things and she’s ready to fly.

I’m repairing the Corsair and BF-109. I bought one of George Bredehofts Volare Products 3D printed Gizmo Nose Geezers and replaced the balsa nose plug. The Gizmo screws right into the 3D printed parts making the prop easily positional for trust angle wit the turning of three screws. Looks great.

B.A.T. done?

Just about done. A couple of small details still but not much. I did do a short test drive under rubber power. One loop braided of 3/32 and only about 100 turns. The result was amazing. This little plane just wants to fly. It flew away from me straight and just a slight turn before it landed hard on concrete missing the lawn all together. Don’t they always? No damage. So at least it’s had a test crash. No problem.

I balanced the prop and painted it. The red was just too…red.

Can’t wait to fly it at our field.

Working on the B.A.T.

This dimmer is nearing completion and will finish today. It is said the cowl was aluminum based on the few pictures of the plane that exist. I have the wheels to pain and the struts painted to look like a darker wood. There’s a frame work of 3 pieces of 1/16 that go over the top of the cowl and end at the windshield position and that’s about it.

BTW the BAT stands for British Aerial Target. Later on one was built for a pilot to fly and as far as I know this kit is based on that version.

These pictures show how, with painters tape masks and an airbrush I made up the scale markings on the plane.

Today I’ll be putting a new rubber motor in the D-8 I built over a year ago from a : Aero-werkes kit. and never really got a good flight on. I’ll be tweaking it at the field this Friday (weather permitting). This should fly very well once trimmed right. The freewheel prop mechanism works the best of any I have tried and I made it from scratch. I found the design on the net and I’m sorry to say I can’t remember the name of the man who originally conceived it.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the full images.