Finished…sort of…

The 1951 Flying wing from Retro RC is ready to fly. I used what ever Ultracoat scraps I had to cover it and came up with this interesting combination that I’ll be sure to see once in the air. Orientation will not be a problem!

The little Cobra motor puts out lots of thrust more than I’ll ever need for this 11oz. plane with a 56 inch span. When you pick it up it feels too light to believe. Only thing left to do is fly it. Hopefully this week although the weather looks like a lot rain over the next 2 days.

I’ll be back tomorrow to the free flight Koolhoven with it’s counter rotating prop mechanism made by the great Keith Steiner. Also I’m back to working on the Herr engineering J-3 cub that will be an RC plane for our local Viola Fields site.

I have a stack of Volare and Peck Polymers kits to build this year so I’m trying to catch up.

Hope you are all about to build those nice kits you got for Christmas!

Close to finish

This wing will be covered today. All the electronics are hooked up and functional. Hatches are installed to access the RX, ESC, and battery. A little light sanding of the balsa fill and it can be covered.

This plane weighs less than a pound currently. About 10 oz. Light for a 56 inch span.

Flying Wing Update

I have finally been able to get back to the 1951 Flying Wing. I’ve had a few people comment on the tail, the lack of need for it, and the size. I’m not changing a thing because this is how it was designed, built, and flown back then. One thing is certain, this will be a very stable ship with all that dihedral, 4 degrees of washout in the wing tips and that huge tail. I have seen this bird fly and it’s exactly that.

Another few hours and I should have it done. I have some basic sheeting to do still for the engine pod and belly. I’m getting all the gear in first and then I’ll finalize everything for covering. Nice built, nice kit. I give it 5 stars so far.