Looking for a new flying site in our area. Please help.

I don’t mean to berate any flying sites that people may enjoy and have spent much time with but for me personally this is my opinion about the available flying sites for free flight in Southern California.

I see in NFFS and FAC publications lovely green fields and rolling hills in the distance. Beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds with wonderful free flight airplanes majestically soaring through them. These sites are located all over the United States everywhere with the exception of one state. Mine, California.

What we currently have are desert land sites that can be hot and rough to land our planes on. I’m sorry but in my opinion this is not a nice place to go on an overnight trip with your family in the motor home.

Pictures of the rough conditions changed mind about going to a recent event. I was even warned by a friends I wouldn’t like it. Another friend had a family member contracted Valley Fever at this site. At my age this is something I won’t risk for Mary or myself.

We can convince ourselves we like anything in the spirit of our beloved hobby, this I understand. There has to be another solution for our squadron.

Up here in Ventura and Santa Barbra county we have cool weather, beautiful vistas and wide open land of green fields. Our current field, “Viola Fields” is only 5 acres but green year round, always around 66-73 degrees, locally facilities, bathrooms, and little wind. We can still hold small field events there but granted it’s not large enough for the kind of events held at other fields with the larger high flyers but the land here to do these things does exist. In addition it is a hardship for many to drive 3-4 hours to these locations. We need something nearer by for families and older people.

I have a list of potential land owners in the area that may allow us to hold such events for free Fight and I plan to send many of them letters this week to ask if this would be allowed. Who knows one of them might be an aviator and love the idea. If we never get off our complacent habit of settling for what we can get, rather than what we might have, we will be condemned to fly in inhospitable sites in the heat and dust.

If you agree (and I know many of you do) help us to locate such a flying site. Our hobby is safe, quiet, (no gas planes are allowed at our local fields, or off road motor bikes or ATVs, sorry) environmentally friendly, and extremely beneficial for youth education and community.

If you can help please send us an email or call. We need all the help we can get. I’m in the middle of making our Ventura Aviators Club and AMA chapter to acquire liability insurance which will help improve relations with the counties and private or county land owners.

Cool weather, green fields, and beautiful blue skies await.

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