Lot of builds and new models

I’m on a role. I have two Zeros, and peanut scale Peck Polymer J-3, a 1951 flying wing and a bunch more of Peck Polymers and Volare Products planes to build. I’m set for awhile it would seem.

And I’m still trim flying the Square Eagle P-30 from Volare Products. What a great flying plane!

Just last week I was going through the new issue of the AMA magazine and saw the add for Esprit Models powered gliders. I went and took a look and ended up ordering one of their beautiful gliders, the Pegasus. 80 inch span, super light all composite carbon fiber and epoxy glass glider. The only balsa used are the ribs and trailing edges. LE and and spars all carbon fiber.

The quality is incredible. You get a lot of bang for your buck here.

I’m still installing gear in the plane but I got her framed up. Although an ARF there’s plenty for the builder to do still. Even the decals that come with it are the high end vinyl rub on type. Engine mount and control horns all cast epoxy glass. Can’t wait to fly this next week.

Friday we went to Viola fields for our Friday Flyday. This time I flew and electric powered glider and I maiden this small Hobby King P-51. Normally I don’t go for a foam pane but this was so scale and beautiful. The price was only 100 bucks and it comes with a gyro, safe mode, and everything you need except a receiver and battery.

I reluctantly throttled up and gave her a toss and she just flew on rails. This did fly like a Cadillac in the sky. I have never flown such and non eventful warbird ever. It landed like a feather. The scale 4 blade prop didn’t break on landing either. I took the gear off and belly landed it. Outstanding flying plane!

Another future project will be this plane Michael Kelly built I just can’t live without. The Utility Special. The plans are online for free. I’ll post them here. I plan to build one for both Free Flight and RC.

I also managed to finish my first E-36 I plan to fly at Lost Hills on the 24th-25th of this month. It’s already to go I just need to have the E-36 experts at the contest check it over first. I don’t want to re-kit this plane on the first flight!

I hope you are building and having fun with this wonderful hobby. Keep em flyin!

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