Cub report 9-13-2020

Having a field again sure does change things. Just knowing you have a close by field that you are legal to fly at makes you want to build all the more. Because you can fly!

Being the Cub is one of my favorite airplanes ever this probably won’t be the last Cub I build. And if things work out right next year I seriously want to buy a full size Cub. That would be a bucket list thing for me. But I digress.

This Herr kit continues to amaze me in it’s engineering accuracy. The way these parts key together eliminates any need for rib alignment tools or right angle jigs. It just goes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The wing will have to have balsa added to the aileron locations so I can cut them away and add hinges. The tails are already set up in the build to do the same.

Enjoying the heck out of this build!

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