Viola Fields for Ever

The new field is great! Right on the coast it was cool, sunny and green. Nice grass and well kept made it nice for belly landing or on wheels. We were the only 5 people there except for the occasional runner or dog walker. We could ask for better.

The slope for gliders is 2 minutes away at the next exit off the 101 but unfortunately they closed the parking lot early and the beach so we didn’t get to fly gliders. Next week.

Video was poor. That large professional camera for Mary was a hardship and she couldn’t follow the planes well wearing a mask which was constantly fogged up the viewer lens. Next time we will use a small handheld for flight video.

A new member of the fleet arrived yesterday. A Japanese WW2 Zero. It’s beautiful and is the perfect size for our new field.

The Herr J-3 Cub I got a few more sticks and parts added to the fuselage. This is going to be a very nice scale plane! 

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