Migs and Cubs the best of both worlds

The Mig is all framed up. Now the daunting task to cover it. Covering compound curves with tissue is never easy. This man here shows you how to do it but as of yet I have not achieved the same results.

I ended up doing sing strips between each longeron running the length of the fuselage.

Covering this way took time and even pre-shunk looks OK. When I took this picture it was still a bit wet. The dope should really pull the sags out over time. I have found that 2 weeks later it is still shrinking enough to do this.

Starting The Herr-Sig 35.5 inch J-3 Cub. Always my favorite plane. Learned to fly on a J-3. Something about the Cub. This one will not be Free Flight but and RC conversion to fly at our new field.

The Volare Products Square Eagle P-30 has it’s new electronic timer installed and it works great! Did a test glide on her and she’s really a good flyer-floater.

I also finished the Peck Polymers Sky Bunny and gave it a test flight under lower power. Wow! What a great flyer. No adjustments at all were made on the first flight and she flew out of my hands straight as can be.

The line up for our filed this Friday

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