Victory Stick

This entry is a re-post from the Flying Aces Face Book page. This is a Volare Products beta kit build of the famous 1940’s design called the Victory Stick.

I’m glad you guys are enjoying this! I am enjoying building this simple and small airplane. It was a bit tricky getting those wing wires bent, the right incidence and keep the center line of the wing true to the fuselage center. But I did it. Next time will be easier but it was really fun.Fuse came out well and fit the 3D printed nose button well and the Gizmo fit the nose button well too.When I balanced the plane on the spar I found it quite nose heavy. So I moved the wing forward by sliding the wire wing supports forward until I got what I thought the right CG should be. Wrong. In a test glide it was really nose and dove straight in.I kept moving it back and trying again. When I got back to where the plans should the wires being it was fine. The glide was nice. Forgot about that vertical tail having an airfoil. That does changed the CG location on the wing. Pretty far forward of the spar.This is the stuff that makes it all so much fun. Science, physics, experiment and results. It never get old.Tomorrow she get doped. I’ll paint it with an airbrush lightly. Something pretty. Love the tail and the tail fairing. Kit goes together well as do all Volare kits.I’m using a 6 inch Czech prop now. Closest I have to a 6.5. Got to order more props from George.More tomorrow and then I start the Shaft. I’ll do the Keith Rider R-5 last.

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