A Possible Flying Site!

Gregg Goris(my only active member of our local FAC Squadron) and I found this site. Actually I have been noticing it for 7 years now. It has never been used. It’s un-fenced and there are no trespassing signs. It’s 5 minutes from my studio and 15 from my house. We haven’t yet identified the owners and we are hoping to. In the meantime I’m heading over there in in the early morning when the winds are calm to fly! I know the local sheriff so I don’t expect any problems. Two old guys with rubber airplanes in this town just aren’t a threat.The red marked area is 15 acres, if you add the field space to the right of it which is also open it’s 25 acres. No grass this time of year so there might be some tissue repairs but after nearly 2 years of “no place to fly” I’m willing to risk it. Windy website says it’s 1 kt right now at 9:36 am in that location.If we can get permission this site is right off the 101 Fwy and easy to get to.

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