FAC Club News

I love their magazine and I always look forward to Vance Gilbert’s column. This issue was a kick in the pants.

After reading Vance Gilbert column in the new FAC Club news I got a little motivated. Everything he talked about kept ringing that bell. I was stuck late at my studio waiting for a show to render out. I went into the shop and there was Volare Caudron. She is nearly done except for a few panels lines and the exhaust stacks. I sure love this airplane. Nice size, great lines and George Bredehoft did an excellent job on this kit.I have had a couple of tosses on the front lawn and she settles in nicely with no bad habits. But I’m planing to do exactly what Vance said. Fly something! And this plane is the one.Only problem is is finding that field. All the fields I had where in parks and they all are closed.So as I drive to the studio tomorrow I will keep that eye open for that mythical field. Because as Vance so visually (to me) described, was a moment of peace and joy. And man did that sound like heaven to me. Great read and something to keep you going! Thanks Vance.

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