Why Free Flight?

I get this often. In and age with radio controlled airplanes that can do even more than their full sized counter parts it hard for some to imagine why anyone would want to build and fly something you can’t control.

I’ve have done all things model in my career from building models for movies, to radio controlled submarines, sailboats and yes, airplanes and jets. But they all lacked something for me as a modeler. This haunted to me until I discovered free flight, stick and tissue, rubber powered model airplanes.

There is just something about it, and that something is going back in your mind to when you saw your first airplane fly through the sky. For me it was a DC 3. It captivated me. I want to make my own airplane a fly it. I knew as a young boy about the model airplanes. I would see them at the hobby shops I haunted on a nearly daily basis. But my parents just didn’t share my interest enough to buy me a kit. So I’d save up my allowance and buy those balsa sheet Guillows rubber band airplanes.

The first time I went to the park to fly one of these planes it was a wonder. I wound it up, pointed it level to the horizon and let it got. It flew in a big circle and climbed up and up. At that moment I felt at one with that plane as if I was up there in the sky myself. That in fact was true. I was up there with it and what a feeling!

To this day little has changed(except the complexity of the models I build) and once I got back into free flight I was hooked. Casting off that model you built by hand and watching all your hard work and craftsmanship pay off is something you can never get enough of. There it is up there. Free and flying. You have created something that has taken on a life of it’s own.

Nothing compares to this feeling. Not even my radio controlled planes with retractable landing gear, lights, bells and whistles, and a talking radio. Nothing.

I hope this answers your question.

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