It’s always important

I have often been beaten up by the public in regards to my fanaticism about the importance of model aviation and rocketry.
It is. Very important because everything you use daily from flying from one country to the next to the tech you use started with the toy rocket or airplane. They are the gateway. This is why we are fighting so hard to keep the right to build and fly these models.

I received this letter the other day. And I have had others. These kids are our future and it with don’t give of ourselves to them then we change the future and not for good either.

Dear Steve,

I am 11 years old and have already made two model airplanes and I’m making my third right now.My first model was a Guillows Focke-Wulf and my second was a Piper Cub.I’m working on Spitfire right now.I REALLY want to start a club in my city but like you I can’t find anybody interested in model aviation. I really agree with you on getting kids like me interested in model aviation and you are right it is are future.Continue the good work.After reading your article I’m going to do my best to encourage my friends into getting interested.

Many Happy Landings Aaron

And I leave you with this image as food for thought. It was the cover of the Academy of Model Aeronautics magazine. Neil Armstrong started with toy airplanes ad know where that got him-us. 

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