Mystery Tailless Build update

I got the Easy Built Mystery Tailless plane framed up. Adding the wings and the struts was pretty easy. The CG with the supplied prop and rubber was dead on.

Although the plane needs some painting, markings and details it was done enough at 6pm at the studio to take outside in the front of our building where there is a lot of lawn, lights, and no wind except a light breeze from the east.

So I put in about 100 turns by hand and let her go. To my utter amazement she flew perfectly straight and level for about a 100 feet while turn a bit to the left. She landed on the side walk like someone was at the controls. I repeated this 3 more times.

I have never had this happen to me before with a free flight plane. Although the plane can be difficult to build it certainly isn’t difficult to fly. Next test I’ll get Mary to shoot some video.

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