Easy Built Models Mystery Tailless build

The Easy built Models Mystery Tailless is mostly framed up and I started pre-shrinking tissue on the wings. This Esaki silver tissue provided in the kit takes a bit longer for the misting to set in but once it does it shrinks up pretty well.

Next week I’ll cover the rest of it, dope everything and assemble.

The wood is so light a soft I accidentally crushed the fuse vertically when I had it on end to contour sand the nose block. It was one of those, “what do I do” moments of fear.

I had a good cup of tea to think things over and decided it could be saved and very delicately pieced it back together making new parts and adding new longerons.

Wings were the same. With the formers and ribs 1/32 balsa you had to be careful. Personally I would have made these parts out of 1/16th. A bit more weight yes but a lot more strength.

Things are strong once covered but this one kind of shot my nerves and taught me a lot of patience and perseverance!

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