What’s new?

More work done on the DVII. It’s taking awhile on this build not an easy one but it’s coming out fine. With everything in it the CG is perfect and she weighs 6.5 oz. Wow I got lucky.

Today I can cover the bottom of the top wing now that I figure out how to place those pesky wing struts or cabanes.

She will need markings and finish the paint job. Still need to add the stick and rudder pedals in the cockpit which is highly detailed but hard to see in these pictures. Plus I need to add the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe.

Of course many of you know or don’t know Mary and I started National Rocketry Association Section 855 called the Ventura Rocketeers. We have 9 members and are meeting with the city today who will help us establish a launch site for monthly launches. It’s my hope that whatever field we get we can fly FF there too. The city was quite open to this and the NAR has been amazing in helping us to get this done. The NAR also gave us a grant to help with costs of launch equipment and field needs.

Making Rocket kits has been taking up a lot of time too as we fill orders. Our website tells the story: https://sngaero.wordpress.com/

As soon as the DVII is finished I’m chomping at the bit to build George Bredehoft’s Dime scale Corsair kit. https://volareproducts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_18&products_id=1177&zenid=4bnuasjjn507ndktr47i25o8k7

This is a little gem and it flies real good too. This blog post from George tells the whole story and I’m sure you’ll all want to get one of these. https://volareproducts.com/blog/?p=3920/

Well that raps it up for me. That’s the short story we have been super busy with Rockets, airplanes, and even slots cars.

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