Easy Built Models Mystery Tailless build

The Easy built Models Mystery Tailless is mostly framed up and I started pre-shrinking tissue on the wings. This Esaki silver tissue provided in the kit takes a bit longer for the misting to set in but once it does it shrinks up pretty well.

Next week I’ll cover the rest of it, dope everything and assemble.

The wood is so light a soft I accidentally crushed the fuse vertically when I had it on end to contour sand the nose block. It was one of those, “what do I do” moments of fear.

I had a good cup of tea to think things over and decided it could be saved and very delicately pieced it back together making new parts and adding new longerons.

Wings were the same. With the formers and ribs 1/32 balsa you had to be careful. Personally I would have made these parts out of 1/16th. A bit more weight yes but a lot more strength.

Things are strong once covered but this one kind of shot my nerves and taught me a lot of patience and perseverance!

Corsair update 12-14-19

So it took three days of 1-2 hours work each day to frame up this Volare Products Peanut Corsair from George Bredehoft It’s an outstanding build.

Next up is to print the tissue with the image maps Volare has fro download and cover the plane. Everything here, the wings and tails are all tacked on for a look. Canopy needs more trimming. Can’t wait to start covering on Monday.

DVII nearly done-Volare Products Corsair started – 12-12-19

The water slide decal paper today doesn’t seem to be what it was 10 years ago. I had a lot of trouble with it but nonetheless got the markings on the DVII. She’s almost done although she need a pilot.

Started building George Bredehoft Volare Product Corsair. George has put a lot of work into this kit design and it shows when one builds it. It is excellent and melts together. Really enjoying this build!

Update 12-11-19

Lots more going on at the studio. Rocket kit orders are keeping us busy. I have been sneaking in more time on the DVII and it’s almost finished. It could be flown as she sits now everything is working and all controls are solid.

I tried to print my own decals on clear decal paper but the camo showed through so I have switched to the white decal paper and this should work better. I’ll be putting on the markings today and we are just about done.

In addition to that I have been working on the big X-15 flying rocket model. I have been building this Beta models for the past few days now. I always do this before I release a kit and it’s going very well.

I wrote this about it for the forums:

Nowhere near finished and I only did a couple of passes with primer and paint to seal the wood grain. Decals are for a Frank Burke Dynasoar X-15 Boost glider that Sticker Shock sells. I have a bunch more to put on. I will have a special set made for this model that Mark is working on now.

I added panel lines just basic ones nowhere near scale accurate. I used flat black primer first then added the tape and sprayed semi gloss over the tape. Once removed it let nice crisp panel lines and they pop because they are flat.

Despite being sport scale she is looking the part and is a nice size.

I received my Black Friday order from Estes(how could I resist?) bothe these models were only 10 dollars. The Executioner alone is 34 bucks. They included two free ornaments and some free flight airplane kits what a box of joy. Really made it feel like Christmas. Thank you Estes!

I even framed up the Executioner. Nice big fat rocket. The paint job takes the most time on these.

Got the plans laid out for the Volare Corsair which is next up. But the Valley Flyers of which I’m a member has an event coming up next year called the “Leaf Blowers” I’m putting together my own kit for from 2004. This EDF ME P. 1101 was a kit I mastered and designed in the early days of EDF radio controlled jets. The company that made the kits went under but someone I knew had one and I bought it off him.

I have every part to finish this plane so I’ll be picking at this too.

And lastly I’m heading out to the Grassy Knoll this Sunday to fly the Boomer and the BF-109 for the first time.

BTW I attended the Valley Flyers Toys for Tots event on Dec. 7th. It was not very well attended due to the rain. The rain was very light if at all. No wind and I had the whole runway most of the time to myself. I wrote a story about it I’ll post later this week called, “Ghosts of the Field”.

What’s new?

More work done on the DVII. It’s taking awhile on this build not an easy one but it’s coming out fine. With everything in it the CG is perfect and she weighs 6.5 oz. Wow I got lucky.

Today I can cover the bottom of the top wing now that I figure out how to place those pesky wing struts or cabanes.

She will need markings and finish the paint job. Still need to add the stick and rudder pedals in the cockpit which is highly detailed but hard to see in these pictures. Plus I need to add the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe.

Of course many of you know or don’t know Mary and I started National Rocketry Association Section 855 called the Ventura Rocketeers. We have 9 members and are meeting with the city today who will help us establish a launch site for monthly launches. It’s my hope that whatever field we get we can fly FF there too. The city was quite open to this and the NAR has been amazing in helping us to get this done. The NAR also gave us a grant to help with costs of launch equipment and field needs.

Making Rocket kits has been taking up a lot of time too as we fill orders. Our website tells the story: https://sngaero.wordpress.com/

As soon as the DVII is finished I’m chomping at the bit to build George Bredehoft’s Dime scale Corsair kit. https://volareproducts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_18&products_id=1177&zenid=4bnuasjjn507ndktr47i25o8k7

This is a little gem and it flies real good too. This blog post from George tells the whole story and I’m sure you’ll all want to get one of these. https://volareproducts.com/blog/?p=3920/

Well that raps it up for me. That’s the short story we have been super busy with Rockets, airplanes, and even slots cars.