Tony Naccarato, a inspiration

You know, Tony is an inspiration to all of us and should be. He dedicated his life to teaching youth aviation and launched so many careers that are leading us to the skies and beyond.

He never complained about things. He just did something to change the world instead. He has inspired me to do the same and it’s my passion with the remainder of my life to do the very same.

This is why I started the Ventura Aviators. It has been somewhat of a disappointment in the lack of response for local schools and youth groups. I was asked more than once why I felt teaching kids aviation and aerospace was so important? I think if you have to ask that question you need to reexamine yourself and your perspective. To me nothing can be more important for the human race than the exploration of space. It might be the one thing that brings us together more than any war or petty pursuit. We have enough of that.

So I will dedicate my life to spreading a passion that those in aerospace have to youth. Who knows, if you inspire one boy or girl they could be the one that grows up to make that warp drive engine and lead us to the stars.

Join me if you dare, stop complaining about the world and do something about it. Tony Naccarato did.

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