BF-109 finished

I’m calling this Vintage Model Company BF-109 finished. I hope to fly her next weekend I have a rocket launch this weekend. I know in the fires? Yes. It’s an NAR launch at Lucerne Dry Lake Bed where there are no fires. But I digress.

This is a great kit and I’ll be ordering their Spit next. This model was a joy to build and has great scale lines.

The paper patterns worked well for skinning the nose. I was sceptical. It worked beautifully without having to place balsa between the longerons.

I needed 8 grams of nose weight and what I did was to mix epoxy and buck shot together and using a popsicle stick and carefully dropped the mix through the nose block opening with great success.

Full up weight with a two loop 1/8th braided motor is 1.40 oz. A little heavy but at least she will never fly away from me, šŸ˜‰

Great build and I highly recommend VMC for their kits, customer service, quick low priced shipping to the us and more.

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