I got off to a good start today building the master of the fuse. Using the original plug and a BT-60 I used some old leading edge stock I had which turned out to be the perfect filet shape. Later once the glue dries I’ll be able to sand the filet to the blended and concave it needs.

The wings are shaped closer to the NASA plans. Less wing area and more sweep. The top side vertical fin is cut and built from balsa. I still have the lower fin to do.

Both fins will be covered in 2 oz. soft wave glass cloth and West Systems epoxy. Once the fuse and the filets are all blended and contour they to will be glassed and epoxied. Also there will be slots in the wing filets to plug the balsa wings into.

The tails and will be part of the master. Once primered and scribed with panel lines this will all be hard molded and fuse will be made of epoxy glass.

More to come…

BF-109 finished

I’m calling this Vintage Model Company BF-109 finished. I hope to fly her next weekend I have a rocket launch this weekend. I know in the fires? Yes. It’s an NAR launch at Lucerne Dry Lake Bed where there are no fires. But I digress.

This is a great kit and I’ll be ordering their Spit next. This model was a joy to build and has great scale lines.

The paper patterns worked well for skinning the nose. I was sceptical. It worked beautifully without having to place balsa between the longerons.

I needed 8 grams of nose weight and what I did was to mix epoxy and buck shot together and using a popsicle stick and carefully dropped the mix through the nose block opening with great success.

Full up weight with a two loop 1/8th braided motor is 1.40 oz. A little heavy but at least she will never fly away from me, 😉

Great build and I highly recommend VMC for their kits, customer service, quick low priced shipping to the us and more.

Time to launch

I have a rough prototype. It came out about 11 oz though a bit heavy for my tastes and can be made lighter. Tail cone piece will need to be vacuum formed. That will save a lot and the fins made from plywood. The resin is a bit heavier. Nose cone is OK but could be made lighter but the model needs nose weight to be stable as it is. But it should fly on a E12-6. We will find out next weekend. Of course a better recommendation of a better 24mm motor I’m open too.

New Starship model underway

Good Start to the Starship
Best I could do in the 4 hours I had yesterday. I spent most of that time at the lathe. Love the lathe I don’t need no stinking 3D printer. Actually that’s not true and for some small parts I’d love to have one although I’m still faster. If I had told it to make the nose cone and the tailpiece it would still be printing, 


These are just the the blanks. The balsa will get sealed and then primered. Details will put in and eventually when finished they will get molded in silicon and the final product made out of alumilite.

The recesses worked out perfect and the parts fit just inside the tubes. The fins have yet to have the landing pads added and today I need to make the hinge look filets for the fins to plug into.