Little Joe 1 arrives and a Redstone

That’s right it’s here. That and an Estes Redstone I picked up at Ventura Hobbies yesterday. I’m going to get both built for my trip to the desert on the 12-13 of October. It’s called, “Roctober”.

I have always been fascinated since I first saw the little Joe. These were built by NASA to test the escape tower for the Mercury program.

I’ll start a build page for it when I start next week.

Happy, happy, joy, joy! New arrivals

I can’t give “The Vintage Model Company” enough praise! This is the second time I bought a kit from them and it only took about 6 days to receive. Most of that time was after it got to the states. Then the US mail slowed everything down. Still so fast and the shipping took less time than many of the US suppliers which I don’t get. And it was under 10 bucks for shipping. None the less there care and attention to details and to their customers is heartwarming. Not to mention how wonderfully put together their kits are.

I also received in blinding speed my replace Sky Voyager from Josh Fin of J&H Aerospace. Josh tells me he’s making a DT kit for it. It will stayed grounded until then as the last one is still flying up there somewhere.

The VMC Minimoa is a 1930s designed German glider. This one has a 50 inch span and will by an RC slope soarer. I have always loved the golden era designs with the gull wings.

I couldn’t wait and in in less than an hour got one half of the fuse laid up. Super kit as usual from VMC. Go look at their website: and they have a truly great newsletter you should subscribe to.

The VMC BF-109 is coming along too. Great build I hope to fly her at the Grassy Knoll soon.

Finished Boomer

This kit came out really nice. 42 grams with Gizmo Geezer prop. No rubber.

DT works great. I will update the page for this model soon.

Back to the VMC BF-109 build next. And I just got their Minimoa!

Getting ready for Roctober

Will be flying my Rockets at the event in October at Lucerne Dry Lake Bed CA. It’s ben years for me since I stopped flying rockets and it’s time to get back out there with other rocketeers and have fun.

Going through each rocket I have to inspect. This is one of Estes largest models that flies on a G motor.

More to come.