First time ever Flying FF

Met up with the Grassy Knoll group in Van Nuys CA yesterday at their invitation. What a nice bunch or people. They were flying their socks off with all kinds of free flight and incredible chuck gliders that caught thermals and flew long flights.

I want to thank Hugh Langhans for the invitation and I can’t wait to go back for more. I got bit. I test flew everything I brought and all did well. The Wanderer was just amazing and we had some great first flights.

Thanks to the wonderful group for the invite and great time. The Grassy Knoll group is also a FAC club and we will be having joint flying here in Ventura and FAC contests soon.

We have another new page

This one is also non Free Flight related page. The reason being is I have other interests. I have a long time investment in RC dating back to the early 80’s. In all that time I scratch built and even produced kits that were on the market and did well.

This is the page and I’ve started it off with my recently acquired own kit design that I did in 2003. An EDF electric jet that flew it’s socks off in an environment of 2 cycle gas engines. This was about the time they stopped laughing at electric planes and jets as we speed past there ancient tech. 😉

This put me at the forefront of the electric ducted fan that dominate the skies today although sadly most are massed produced foam planes but there are still some guys out there doing the real thing.

Follow along if you have an interest.

EKW and X-1 get trim flights

The X-1 I built back 8 years ago or more. Today I did glide tests and to my surprise it flew very well. Now that I have the CG just right I can start testing with the Jet X beta test motors. So next time out we fly it on the rocket.

George Bredehoft’s EKW C 3606 just flew out of my hands. A bit of down thrust and right thrust and she flew true and level. CG required a bit of aft ballast but only a small bit. Next time out I plan longer flights on more turns.