Been Away but I’m back

Been on a hell scratch build for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I had to build in two months from scratch the Space Station from 2001: a space odyssey. No small feet I barely made it. I had to work 7 day weeks for two months. So I got little airplane work done.

I have been putting together a Sig Riser since we have yet to be granted an indoor or outdoor flying site. I like to fly at the dunes down the street from my house. There’s lift there and the riser is a good inbetween size workhorse cared to all my larger more involved gliders.

In the BKG you can see the EKW being sheeted on the cowl and glare shield. I have been slowly cutting 1/32 balsa and putting it in between the longerons. As soon as I get the Riser covered it’s back to several freeflight builds. I only hope to get a flying site for indoor soon.

Why Kids Need Model Aviation-it’s our future

6-4-19 Why Kids Need Model Aviation-it’s our future

I have been trying to interest in model aviation the locals of education here in Ventura California now for a few months with no response other than one school principal who tried to raise an interest in bringing model aviation in to the schools curriculum without success.

He also reached out to other schools around town and we were just ignored. My guess is they didn’t understand the importance of a hobby with little rubber band airplanes. Why and how it could change the world? And how it has done so in the past.

My last email out to the schools was my last and I’m posting what I sent them below for all to read. I was once again ignored. This doesn’t leave me with a very good opinion of our schools and teachers if they fail to take notice to something as huge as this and it’s only one example. Read on.

Just click on the image and when it takes you to Photobucket click on the magnifying tool at the top to enlarge.