Braiding those darn motors

How to? There are so many videos out there on this subject but Josh shows you how clearly and in a way that makes real sense and avoids confusion. Watch it to the end and then watch it again. If your new to this like me you have to beat it into your head.

4 thoughts on “Braiding those darn motors

  1. I have viewed Josh’s video numerous times, studied, took notes etc. My questions is: are all his windings clockwise? I read other articles and some wind both clockwise and counterclockwise for the same braiding. What say you?


      • The reason I ask is braiding a single loop ( two strands) as per Josh’s method , put it into the plane and let it wind down. I have a nice braided motor. However, when I wind the motor attached to the plane, the two strands separate into two braided strands and re braid into a single motor. Is this normal?


      • Joe that was a question of mine too. I watched him and other expert free flighters and did everything they siad to do with the same sesults. I’m just going to plain out ask them about that. Still is seemed to work just fine.


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