April 11th Meeting canceled

Since Alan was the only person to confirm to us he’d be attending I am canceling the meeting.

In addition I see many of you haven’t even clicked on the follow button so you won’t even see any of these notices like the one I posting now.

If you want this club to work we have to have more communication. It takes little effort to click on the button to the right of the page that says follow. It doesn’t cost you anything or spam your email. It just sends you the posts from this website so you can stay informed.

Alan has to come all the way from Culver City. Thanks Alan for being willing to make this kind of effort. It’s very much appreciated.

Our first meeting on April 11th

Hoping to see you all at the studio at 7 pm for tea, coffee and cookies. We can all get to meet and talk about the future of the Squadron.

Email us for directions we are right off the 101 freeway.

Ventura Model Aviators Triplane Insignia with Fish And Chips Squadron Patch