Part 4 and 5 of the Wanderer build is up

Part 4 and 5 are posted to the page. There will be several parts to come for covering, finishing and trim flight tests and the maiden flight.

4 thoughts on “Part 4 and 5 of the Wanderer build is up

  1. Hello, George! I’ve enjoyed the step by step videos of your construction of the Wanderer. There is one observation I have, between Video 2 and 3 you constructed the second side of the fuselage frame work. How did you go about insuring that both sides were constructed identical?


    • Hi KC. Actually this is my site, Steve Neill but that’s OK. To answer your question I just built to over the same plans and they are a mirror image. Right and left are the same. Hope that helps and thanks for visiting our squadron site!


      • Thank you for the reply, Steve! I was just wondering if George had “missed a step” with his video? The technique is something that would be handy to have had demonstrated. Thanks again, Steve.


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