Joining Ventura Model Aviators

We now have a Logo on the sidebar on the right hand side of every page and if you click on the logo you can email us to be put on the list.

It is prefered you are a FAC member. There’s a join button for Flying Aces Club too in the sidebar.

Thanks a bunch.


2 thoughts on “Joining Ventura Model Aviators

  1. Steve:
    I saw your post on FB. Don’t quite understand but that’s OK. Also, I am aware that you are very busy right now on your new project. I’m still interested in getting together. Interested in perhaps having a fun fly session or two to meet folks in this area who have the flying itch. The only plane I still have is an old warrior Earl Stahl Taylorcraft ’39 B I built and flew in the 2009 SAM Champs. Been sorting through the building matls & tools I have to see if I have enough to start a new build. Looking forward to meeting you and chatting about flying plans. I do have a fb page, & am avail, by text or phone. 805-338-6220. I live in Ventura.


  2. Alan I have never liked the Facebook formatt for one. Second all the politics, mean people, drama and so on. If you have any notoriety at all from your career, fans and that sort of thing you get your time eaten up by well meaning and sometimes just troubled people.
    The formatt isn’t like a good old forum structure where you make a thread and add to it daily your progress which avoids the constant questions of, “What kit? what plane? Who’s props? How many loops” and so on. I think you get the idea.
    So I finally left. Mary takes care of the fan page. I’m over at Hip Pocket and here. Or my Patreon page.
    As for getting together I had to cancel the meeting. No one remembered despite the reminders and posts. I have an article n the FAC next moth and I’m hoping that reaches some local people to attract members.
    I have to work 7 days a week until the end of June to finish the Space Station model for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. After that I’ll have some time and we can get together and fly some RC if you like or FF. The field I use is 10 minutes from the studio and if you have a cub or something like that there’s a dirt runway of sorts and a lot of wide open field for FF. Open soccer fields for test glides.
    I look forward to meeting you to Alan I’ll give you a call when I get a break. Hey I also fly slope and I have secret site just a few minutes away from the studio if you are in to that. Go there in the way home from the studio and get some relaxing glider time.


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