Introduction and comment thread

Already we are getting requests to join our squadron. I thought it might be a good idea to start a post or thread where members can post questions, comments and pictures.

There is so much to do for this site but it’s a start. Your comments will need to be approved before you will see them but I’m pretty quick on the draw and they will be approved quickly.

Thanks to all for your interest.

Here is the site we have chosen. I have flown there many times and the city has no objected to even the occasional RC park flyer. It’s bigger than it looks and until we locate and even larger area it should serve us well.

3 thoughts on “Introduction and comment thread

  1. Hi Steve, maybe I just didn’t see all of the site the first time. It seems like you you’ve given it some work. Again, I would like to get together with some local modelers to help me get back into flying. Please add me to your member list and include me in any local gatherings or informal flying. It would really help jump start my building enthusiasm.


    • Alan sorry I missed this. We will of course do that. You should come visit us at my studio in Ventura. I’d like to give you a few flyers we have to distribute where you might think they’d do the most good. I have some at Ventura Hobbies. I plan to get some to Camarillo airport. I recommend you join the FAC and their Facebook group as you will find it most inspiring. Ventura hobbies has some kits there for FF and all the supplies that go with it. Welcome aboard.


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