9 thoughts on “New Flying Aces Squadron in Ventura

  1. It’s very exciting to have a brand new model airplane club here in Ventura. I never thought that could happen. Please let me know how I can join VMA and support the club. I am an FAC member.

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  2. Alan thanks so much! We are very glad to have you. We are working out the details of this new club. I looked around the area here and couldn’t find anyone in Ventura that was interested in FF. So like the movies, “Build it and they will come”. You should visit our studio in Ventura when you have a chance. You can see some if it here: http://www.steveneillsgarage.com


  3. Hey Steve, I’m a FF flyer in the LA area and FAC member. Let me know how I can join, would like to fly with you guys sometime and get on the newsletter!


    • Johnathan thanks so much for contacting us. We are just starting out and for now can add your name to the members list. On April 11th we are planning and get together of the group at my studio in Ventura. This will give us a chance to meet and talk about the club. Thanks again.


      • Hi Roger nice to meet you. Yes I am registered as club # 50. I wrote and article about it for the May issue of the newsletter. There is also a link to your page on the website. I am having a difficult time locating members where I live. Although a beautiful town by the sea people are quiet here and I haven’t found many with the passion for flight we have. Still working on that. Thanks for reaching out. Feel free to email me at : steveneillsgarage@gmail.com


    • Jonathan we never heard from you again. If you follow the page or send me an email I can add you to the email list for notices but the best way is to click on the follow button.


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